Valid I.D: What is required to Enter Sam & Dave’s Establishments

Sam & Dave’s Group of Bars requires a valid Photo ID in the form of photo and ID bearing your name that confirms your identity , Drivers license, passport , residents card, alien registration card etc.Persons under the age of 20 are strictly prohibited and will not be permitted into our establishments.

What Type of music do you play?

We play House, Dance, EDM, Rock, Hip Hop, Top 40, and various music throughout the night.

What do I do if I Have a lost or forgot an item at Sam & Dave’s?

Please call us at 06-6212-5867 or email (samanddavesinfo@gmail.com) The Sam & Dave’s team we keep lost items for a period of one month from the date of collection.

Personal Responsibility for valuables.

Valuables such as Wallets, Bags, Coats, Jackets, Luggage, Keys, and Jewelry etc should be stored in Lockers at Sam & Dave’s. We provide Coin lockers at all venues and Sam & Dave’s assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

Filming /Photography is prohibited

In order to protect the privacy of patrons and the image rights of artists and performing talent, unauthorized photography and or filming inside Sam & Dave’s establishments is prohibited.

Tattoo Policy

We do require any Tattoo that can be seen as inappropriate or offensive to be covered.

Aggressive behavior is prohibited

Persons involved in aggressive behavior, flirting aggressively, groping or sit in demonstrations is strictly prohibited and will be removed immediately and banned from Sam & Dave’s establishments.

Drinking of Alcohol by Drivers is prohibited?

Sam & Dave’s will not sell alcohol to patrons that are driving or plan to drive, drinking and driving is strictly prohibited.

Can I Bring in Food and Drinks?

Sam & Dave’s prohibit the entry of food, drinks and plastic water containers into our establishments. Food and drinks can be purchased at all our venues.

How much is entry?

Please check the respective Bar, but depending on the night of the week entry starts from 1000 yen on the door with one drink for regular nights and higher for special events Saturday nights start from 2000 yen with one drink on the door and higher for special events.

What time do you open?

Please check the respective Bar for opening and closing times during the weekday as each Bar has their own policy However for Fridays and Saturdays all clubs open at 9.00pm.

Can I join the Mailing list?

Please apply to join our mailing list.
Joining our mailing list will give you information on special events and parties at our BARS/CLUBS along with special birthday party free entrance and exclusive use of the V.I.P room on Fridays when available. All information collected will not be distributed to third parties and is the exclusive use of Sam &Dave establishments.